Evan Baughfman works in a very scary place: a middle school! He writes all genres, but horror is where he’s most comfortable. His short horror fiction has been published in various anthologies and magazines.

Much of Evan’s writing success has been as a playwright. He’s had many different plays produced across the globe.

Additionally, Evan has adapted a number of his short stories into screenplays, of which “The Emaciated Man” and “The Creaky Door” have won awards in various film festival competitions.

His short story collection, Classroom Doom, consisting of thirteen spooky tales set at Edgar Allan Poe Middle School, will be released by Thurston Howl Publications in 2020.

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Preyed Upon

by Evan Baughfman Days ago, the alien Hunter sent a distress call to his homeworld, but his plea remains unanswered. Crash landing in this terrain—a harrowing ordeal. The Amazon’s endless heat and humidity overwhelm the Hunter’s vision, his thermal imaging. Panicking through an unwelcoming environment, he stumbles across cold-blooded foes. Vipers. Anacondas. Caimans. Retreating from […]

Grisly Transformation

by Evan Baughfman Shawn sat in the driver’s seat of an extra-terrestrial vehicle, though he wasn’t steering his new friend. The Corvette—shape-shifting robot, Xcellsior—carried its teenage companion over rain-slick roads, dashboard stereo blasting rock ’n roll. “Awesome!” Shawn whooped. Then, lightning struck Xcellsior, frying alien circuitry, squealing robot brakes. Xcellsior began to morph into bipedal […]

His Offering

by Evan Baughfman The male drops his offering at the female’s feet. She examines the rock, contemplating if it’s worth starting a nest with this other penguin. Then, she realises the gift it isn’t a stone, but a human eye. On the beach: butchered “ecotourists,” pecked to ribbons by frustrated seabirds. Penguins are tired of […]

On Scarlet Wings

by Evan Baughfman   Three boys climbed into a zoo enclosure, stoning colourful birds with baseball-sized rocks, killing a sixteen-year-old flamingo in their attack. The children, facing criminal charges, were ultimately exonerated due to their ages. Each boy: younger than ten. On his sixteenth birthday, the eldest delinquent was found dead in a park, eyes […]

Work the Crowd

by Evan Baughfman   Applauding trapeze artists’ aerial excellence, Caitlyn declared, “Way better than some mangy flea circus!” I agreed. “So fun!” We must’ve misread the advertisements. The show was impressive, a dazzling evening inside a towering tent, complete with clowns, acrobats, and lion tamers. A hundred spectators cheered as nimble performers gathered centre stage, […]

Finally Over

by Evan Baughfman   Crimson lights flickered along twisted strands, causing the tall tree to resemble a creature with blinking red eyes. Ghoulish garland snaked across countertops, cluttered with holiday cheer. The fireplace roared with hellish flames. Stockings hung limp, like fresh corpses from the gallows. Aghast, I turned to my wife, shrieking, “No! What […]

After the Ascent

by Evan Baughfman   Walter rose above his corpse. His spirit approached a widening glow. Amazing! An otherworldly oasis opening up itself just for him! Sunlight! Beach! Palm trees! Walter smiled at the sound of lost loved ones’ laughter. His philanthropic life would soon reunite him with his mother, his father! The glow extinguished. Walter […]

Wasn’t a Ghost

by Evan Baughfman   The door creaked open. Kellan took a deep breath and stepped into the shadowy classroom. Inside, no children chuckled. No teacher taught. Silence suffused like creeping fog. Cobwebs clung to ceiling corners. Darkness enveloped desks. Toppled chairs and abandoned assignments lay scattered on the floor. Very little was as Kellan remembered. […]

Huge Mistake

by Evan Baughfman   Dr Moranis grinned as his growth ray morphed a meagre fig into a monster atop the auditorium stage. His demonstration complete, Moranis stepped beside the fruit, now the size of a Volkswagen Bug. “Imagine,” he said, “an entire village fed for days on a single piece of locally-grown food.” His investors […]


by Evan Baughfman   Glass slippers sparkled on Cinderella’s feet. “They’re beautiful! Perfect! Thank you!” “Hurry along, now,” urged Fairy Godmother. “Shouldn’t be late for the ball!” Cinderella stepped towards the pumpkin carriage. The right slipper’s fragile heel snapped under her weight. In fact, the entire shoe cracked. Cinderella’s foot shifted backward, slicing against broken […]

Oil Slick

by Evan Baughfman   Glistening, black goo coated the surface of the penguins’ pool. Albino birds huddled, squawked on land. Though blind, the gentle giants could sense the presence of something unnatural. I thrust a cattle prod into the “slick,” zapping the dark mass, startling its many eyes open. Tentacles formed, flailed. Ragged mouths cried, […]


by Evan Baughfman   They returned with a vengeance, with a hive mind sharing a singular goal:  the eradication of the human race. They came back bigger than before. Meaner. Angrier. They had every right to be furious with us, of course. We’d let them all die. Ignored scientists’ warnings for decades. Caused the creatures’ […]

Evan Baughfman

Evan Baughfman works in a very scary place: a middle school! He writes all genres, but horror is where he’s most comfortable. His short horror fiction has been published in various anthologies and magazines.






Awful Alphabet

Awful Alphabet

by Evan Baughfman   “Daddy, they taught me my ABC’s!” my three-year-old, Lizzie, proudly declared. In her tiny hands, she held the spirit board I’d unearthed from behind the basement wall. I snatched it away from her. “‘They’? ‘They’ who?” I didn’t see the steak knife until she’d removed it from her pocket. Didn’t catch […]

Your Ride Has Arrived

Your Ride Has Arrived

by Evan Baughfman   The hearse came to a silent stop alongside the curb. The driver asked through the open passenger-side window, “You remember what happened at the bar tonight?” I’d gone into downtown, ordered a cocktail at O’Grady’s, and then…Then…? The hearse’s rear door creaked open. “Plenty of room in the back.” I realized […]