When Kimberly Rei was five years old, her parents gifted her with a set of Children’s Classics that she had no hope of reading. Yet. Sitting at the Christmas tree, surrounded by dozens of beautiful hardcovers, she was giddy with the potential of one day diving into the pages. That love of words and hunger for stories has never wavered.

Kimberly has been published in more than a dozen anthologies. Her tales lean creepy and aim to leave you with an unsettling urge to look over your shoulder. She is, like most authors, working on a novel, but an addiction to micro-fiction is keeping her on her literary toes, chasing paper dragons.

Always seeking new ways to make words dance, she has taught workshops and edited novels for Authors You May Recognize.

Kimberly currently lives in Tampa Bay, Florida, with her bladesmith wife, a circle of creative friends, and an abundance of gorgeous beaches to explore. Life is good!

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