Witching Hour

by Kimberly Rei 

“We are gathered here to welcome Isabella into our church and our hearts.”

The small group pulled closer, sighing with joy at the bundle in the priest’s hands. He held the baby over a font, dribbling water on her forehead as he spoke. For her part, Isabella didn’t cry. She hiccuped at him, drawing indulgent laughter.

One by one, the candles flicked out, casting the church into shadow. A full moon shone through stained glass windows, painting priest and child in deep crimson tones. Chanting filled the space as unseen joined the ceremony.

This child would have a blessed life.

Kimberly Rei

Kimberly Rei does her best work in the places that can’t exist…the in-between places where imagination defies reality. With a penchant for dark corners and hooks that leave readers looking over their shoulder, she is always on the lookout for new ideas and new ways to make words dance.

Website: reitales.com


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