Author: Nicole Little
Series: Short Reads
Genre: Horror, Paranormal, Suspense
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2023
eBook List Price: USD 1.99
Paperback List Price: USD 8.99

A life saved. A debt owed.

Once again, Ivy Tangiers finds herself reluctantly following along with another of her boyfriend’s schemes. This time: a tailor-made haunted house.

The book deals, the TV interviews, the Netflix documentaries. Money and fame will fall right into their lap.

And now that he’s found the perfect location, he just needs the perfect ghosts.

With the help of a world-renowned spirit guide, the long-dead children of Sparrow House are dragged back to the scene of their violent murder. But what comes back with them…is most definitely not invited.

As a storm rages, both inside and out, will Ivy find the strength to survive the nightmare, or will she too find herself haunting these unholy halls?

Invited by Nicole Little

A secret revealed. A legacy undone. A horror immortalised. For generations, the Berdeaux family name had been synonymous with hospitality and distinction. But that all changed in the summer of 1979, when Dewey Berdeaux’s “hobby” came to light. It was a revelation that stunned the town of Barrville, and ever since then, the Berdeaux family mansion has stood as a grim reminder—with its fair share of ghosts, if rumour is to be believed.

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13 Drops of Blood – Launches 14th February 2021

This is an industry of rejection and to be successful, an author needs to be able to never throw in the towel, no matter the hard road ahead of them.

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Nicole Little

Nicole Little is a short story writer living in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Thus far, her work has been published in nine different anthologies



Series: Macabre Minima Short Reads