We All Scream

by Kristin Lennox

London Bridge is Falling Down…” The piping calliope music was faint, but it pulled Cindy from sleep.

Instead of pondering why the ice cream truck was trundling slowly through the neighbourhood in the dead of night, Cindy frantically scoured her bedroom for loose change.

Broke and dejected, she barely recognised her friend Hannah in the moonlight, accepting a double-scoop cone from a white-gloved hand. So lucky.

Such a waste, though, Cindy thought, as she discovered the cone in the street the next morning, upside down in a sticky puddle of mint chocolate chip…

…and a splash of bright raspberry swirl.

Kristin Lennox

Kristin is delighted to have had several drabbles published by Black Hare Press. She’s also a voice actor, and when she’s not talking to herself in her padded room (home studio), she tries to get the voices out of her head and onto the page.


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