Author: Kimberly Rei
Series: Short Reads
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2020
eBook ASIN: B08H81PVHW
eBook List Price: 99c
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-925809-84-8

Paperback List Price: USD 7.99

Born under a dark moon, Iana was destined for greatness. When fate finds her, it brings prophecy and power. But when a mystery from her mother is unveiled, Iana’s world will change forever.

Ten Lords Tumbling

by Kimberly Rei   The mall was three storeys tall, with…

Chrysalis by Kimberly Rei – Launches 28th November 2020

Pick six to eight questions to answer, they said. As if narrowing down a lifelong love of words is so easy. What if I pick the wrong ones? What if the ones I don't pick haunt my dreams? It's crowded enough in there! Ever the poster child for "I'm grown! I'll do what I want!" I chose...uhm...more.

Kimberly Rei

When Kimberly Rei was five years old, her parents gifted her with a set of Children's Classics that she had no hope of reading. Yet. Sitting at the Christmas tree, surrounded by dozens of beautiful hardcovers, she was giddy with the potential of one day diving into the pages. That love of words and hunger for stories has never wavered.