by Kimberly Rei


The light, lithe figure moved through the crime scene quietly, without disturbing evidence. Her team watched her. She didn’t fit in. She looked too human. Or not human enough. She made them nervous and they hated her for it.

She crouched, eyes flickering to take in the body. She reached for the victim and froze, shutting off internal cameras.

“Any thoughts?” The lead detective. Damn it.

The android looked up, hand twitching back, “Looks like the rest. We’ve got a serial on our hands.”

Fingers curled to hide a speck of blood. She’d have to be more careful next time.


Kimberly Rei

Kimberly Rei does her best work in the places that can’t exist… the in-between places where imagination defies reality. With a penchant for dark corners and hooks that leave readers looking over their shoulder, she is always on the lookout for new ideas and new ways to make words dance.


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