The Bookworm

Author: L.T. Emery & Andreas Hort
Series: Short Reads
Genre: Horror, Weird Fiction
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2021
eBook List Price: USD 99c
Paperback List Price: USD 7.99

Gerald prides himself on his librarian skills—he’s a teacher, a researcher, a human database, and the one he coined himself, a recommender; with just a few details, he knows the perfect book for every customer.

Will his skills help him when a hungry newcomer, desperate to devour the books, arrives in his library.

Supernatural horror from Emery and Hort.

The Bookworm by L.T. Emery and Andreas Hort – Launches 26th June 2021

I used to read books secretly during classes. I remember crying quietly during math because Sirius Black just died. After school, I’d usually visit the library. There’s this cherry tree next to the building. In summer, I’d borrow a book, climb the tree until I found a good branch, and I’d read while snacking on the cherries. Good times.

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