Spiritus ex Machina

Author: G. Allen Wilbanks
Series: Three Ghosts in the Machine #2
Genre: Horror, Science Fiction
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2021
eBook List Price: USD 99c
Paperback List Price: USD 7.99

Alexander Devin’s life is about to change.

Pulled from the edge of death, he wakes to find his mind has been preserved in a new body, a mechanical body that will never know pain, illness, or old age. But it is much more than that.

Zander’s mind has been downloaded into the Spector, an experimental, self-aware, long-distance star ship.  For now, he is little more than an observer on board, a ghost in the machine. One day, if he can prove himself, he may be allowed full control over the ship. If not, he will be turned off and condemned to the Nothing.

Zander will do anything to avoid the Nothing.

A science fiction thriller from G. Allen Wilbanks.

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