Protection Racket

by G. Allen Wilbanks


“Grandma, why do you put milk out at night?”

The old woman placed the shallow bowl on the windowsill and pushed the window open a few inches. “It’s for the pixies, dear. When they find a bowl of milk, they know we’re friendly, so they won’t come inside or do us any harm.”

“What kind of harm?” asked the young girl.

“Don’t worry about it, dear. Run along and play.”

“The girl asks a lot of questions,” came a tiny voice from outside the open window.

“You got your milk, you little bastards,” whispered the old woman. “Leave her alone.”

G. Allen Wilbanks

G. Allen Wilbanks is a member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) and has published over 100 short stories in various magazines and anthologies, including multiple publications with Black Hare Press. He is the author of two short story collections and the novel When Darkness Comes. For more information, please visit

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