by Jacek Wilkos


I dreamed about this horrible city again. I was surrounded by monstrous structures of strange shapes and impossible angles, glowing with faint greenish light. The carvings covering them portrayed bizarre symbols and creatures. I ran through this maze of distorted reality, unable to determine directions. I felt great evil, chaos crawling from every corner.

Far off, I saw a rectangle of warm white light. I ran towards it.

I woke up. I made it; I was safe. The nightmare was over.

The darkness in the room twitched. Something else got out of the dream. It enveloped me.

There’s no escape.

Jacek Wilkos
Jacek Wilkos is an engineer from Poland. He lives with his wife and daughter in a beautiful city of Cracow. He is addicted to buying books, he loves coffee, dark ambient music and riding his bike. He writes mostly horror drabbles.


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