In Control

by Constantine E. Kiousis


The man stood at the edge of the precipice, staring solemnly at the angry tide below, a bottle of scotch dangling from his fingers.

Even though it was asleep, he could still feel it, wrapped around his brain, squirming. All the shit it’d made him do as he’d watched helplessly, seldom allowing him control… But he’d used that time wisely. He’d learned it couldn’t hold its liquor.

Breathing deep, he stepped off the ledge.

He sensed it waking as he plummeted, sensed its horror as it shrilled.

He closed his eyes, managing a defiant grin before crashing against the waves.


Constantine E. Kiousis

Constantine E. Kiousis spends most of his time wandering through the worlds he has created, exploring every nook and cranny and constantly discovering new places and stories that need to be told.

He’s currently plotting ways to unleash the terrifying stories hiding in his mind upon the world, one word at a time.


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