The War Earth Won

by Gary Smith Jr.


The world is a better place. Years ago, people abused her, taking resources that could never be replaced, giving back pollution, hate, and violence.

The planet was the real winner in the war between the humans and parasites. She barely noticed the increase of death and destruction during the decades of war. The bodies of humans and parasites alike nourished her back to health soon after.

Earth now receives the attention she deserves, love and caring she is owed for her eons of giving. Yes, without people the world is a better place. The parasites that remain love her well.


Gary Smith Jr.

Gary Smith Jr. has a passion for writing born from his love of reading everything, classic literature to cereal boxes. He lives around Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, children, and animals. His stories have been published at From Whispers to Roars, The Mark Literary Review, ComutterLit, and Daily Science Fiction.
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