The Most Natural Thing on Earth

by Gemma Paul


It burns her insides, itching to get out.

She clutches desperately at her throat and gags loudly—a deep, hoarse sound erupts from her lungs as she struggles to breathe. She throws her head over the toilet basin, but nothing comes out.

She can feel it inside. Squirming around. Twisting and turning. Its heart beats steady inside, a stark contrast to her erratic one.

It’s ready to come out. She can feel it.

No one ever told her it would be like this. It’s natural they say. To her though, growing a baby, inside her womb is her worst nightmare.

Gemma Paul

Award-winning filmmaker and scriptwriter turned author, Gemma Paul is a horror and fantasy writer who enjoys writing and illustrating stories for all ages. She lives in sunny Dorset, UK, near the sandy beaches with her two rescue dogs. When not writing and illustrating, she’s usually found walking the dogs, tending to her vegetable patch, or chilling in her garden hammock.
Instagram: @gemma_l_paul
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