The Reckoning

Author: Stephanie Scissom
Series: Short Reads
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2021
eBook List Price: 99c
Paperback ISBN: 978-0-6450739-9-7

Paperback List Price: USD 7.99

Four teenagers on a Randonautica hunt get more than they bargain for when their game inadvertently reopens a long-cold missing person case.

When a ghostly photo of his missing brother’s cabin goes viral, Charlie Johnston returns to the small town he fled nearly two decades ago to deal with the trespassers. Young and wild back then, Charlie blamed himself for his brother’s disappearance. He’s never looked back.

Until now.

Charlie’s return to Beersheba Springs sets in motion a series of events that will upheave his whole world. Secrets from the past can’t stay buried any longer, and Charlie learns what really happened to his brother that fateful night. He also learns Travis wasn’t the only thing he lost when he left town all those years ago.


The Reckoning by Stephanie Scissom – Launches 27th February 2021

What kind of research do you do? I love research and mine is all over the place, depending on the story. Recently, I’ve been researching a local witch legend for my chapter in an upcoming Black Hare Press 13 anthology. In 1800, a girl was buried alive in a cemetery 30 minutes from here. Although she couldn’t speak, jealousy surrounding her beauty led to her accusation and execution as a witch. I’ve also been researching Hurricane Katrina for a different story.

Last Call

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