Rhiannon Bird is a young Australian author. She has a passion for words and stories. Rhiannon has her own quotes blog; Thoughts of a Writer. She has had multiple works published online and in anthologies which vary between short stories and poetry. Her favourite genres tend to be fantasy or young adult, but she has a complicated relationship with genres and will often jump around to whatever she feels like at the time. Currently, she is in Uni studying animal science while pursuing her writing career on the side.

Rhiannon is always coming up with new idea that are too exciting and usually gets tucked away in a draw to come back to later. Anyone who knows her can tell you that she takes a notebook just about anywhere in case of inspiration. If there’s not a notebook on hand, the notes app on her phone will do, or even texting herself from someone else phone can work as well.

No matter where she is, Rhiannon is first and foremost a storyteller.

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