Huge Mistake

by Evan Baughfman


Dr Moranis grinned as his growth ray morphed a meagre fig into a monster atop the auditorium stage.

His demonstration complete, Moranis stepped beside the fruit, now the size of a Volkswagen Bug. “Imagine,” he said, “an entire village fed for days on a single piece of locally-grown food.”

His investors applauded. Cheered. Screamed.

For a parade of enlarged insects had suddenly burst free of the ripened orb, their residency inside unknown to Moranis until that very moment.

Gargantuan fig wasps swarmed stunned spectators.

Confused by people’s colourful attire, the creatures attempted to pollinate every shrieking flower they could find.

Evan Baughfman

Evan Baughfman is a middle school teacher and author. Much of his writing success has been as a playwright. A number of his scripts can be found at online resources, Drama Notebook and New Play Exchange. Evan also writes horror fiction and screenplays. More information is available at

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  1. Gabby Gilliam
    Gabby Gilliam says:

    Loved Dr. Moranis. Honey I shrunk the kids was a favorite of mine. Also love the last line. Subtly terrifying.


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