by Rich Rurshell


I could see it in his eyes. He knew what was about to happen. It was a look of both fear and resignation. He truly loved me, I now know that for sure. He had accepted me for who I am, despite what I am. Even that never seemed to worry him…until he cut himself whilst shaving this morning.

As I entered the bathroom, he turned to me, that haunted look on his face.


I saw the blood running down his throat and I lost control. A frenzy. I left him lifeless. Empty.

Those eyes will forever haunt me.


Rich Rurshell

Rich Rurshell is a short story writer from Suffolk, England. Rich writes Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy, and his stories can be found in various short story anthologies and magazines.

Most recently, his story “A Date in the Forest” was published in Full Metal Horror 2 from Zombie Pirate Publishing, “Cody Redman” was included in Storming Area 51 from Black Hare Press, and his drabble “Naïve” was included in Beyond.

When Rich is not writing stories, he likes to write and perform music.




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