The God of the Gastropods

by Lisa Edwards


Ellie glanced away from the huge spiral covered wall. It made her feel sick and giddy.


She froze for a moment, then gently lifted her foot. Oops! Sorry, little snail.

A wet pop sounded beside her. But… she’d have noticed that stuck to the side of the wall, right? Snails can’t be that big.

A thousand sharp little teeth glinted on the long tongue.

It scraped the skin off her arms and face, and she sank to the ground, a wailing, writhing ball of agony and blood. And there she remained for hours since snails only eat decomposing matter.

Lisa Edwards

Lisa writes horror, fantasy, and sometimes comedy (occasionally on purpose). She’s written several indie horror films, including Siren Song, Zombie Wars, Mannequin, and the upcoming Zombikini.  She lives in Northamptonshire, England and has a border collie who’s scared of the wind.




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