Freeflint’s Final Escape

by Chris Hewitt


Hanging is too good for him, the Governor had declared. Decency demanded justice and an example.

Forgoing the execution, they’d clapped Freeflint in irons and hung him naked from the dockside gibbet for all to witness.

You shan’t escape this time, promised the Governor, placing guards on watch.

Freeflint lasted an agonising week before succumbing to dehydration and the elements. Not that death prevented his last escape. The sun might have taken the Pirate Captain’s skin and the seagulls his eyes, but his loyal crew claimed the rest, one pound of flesh at a time, as each paid their final respects.



Chris Hewitt

Chris resides in the beautiful garden of England, Kent, UK, and in the odd moments that he isn’t dog walking, he pursues his passion for all things horror, fantasy, and science fiction.


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