Mirror, Mirror

by S.O. Green


The mirror is cracked and the cracks are spreading.

It started when I scratched the symbol on the glass. The one from the book. The one I couldn’t get out of my head.

In every line, I see a nightmare. In every facet, I see a dream. In the centre is a keyhole. Beyond, another world.

It whispers to me in my sleep. It calls to me while I work. I taste its colours and hear its darkness and feel its gentle music on my skin.

My reward is coming.

The cracks are spreading. Now they’re spreading across the walls.

S.O. Green

Simone Oldman Green lives in the Kingdom of Fife with husband, John. Writer, vegan, martial artist, gamer, occasionally a terrible person (but only to fictional people). They thrive on the unusual, which might explain why there are so many cats. Find them at https://thebasementoflove.blogspot.com/.
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