The Carrion Maven

The Carrion Maven

by Casey Douglass


It seeps through the streets like a pressure wave, its higher dimensional traversal sending billowing ripples of aether amongst the massed crowd. It probes their glowing minds. Myriad carnival light-bulbs flicker as its broiling black smoke sucks at their glass.

Millennia old, it hunts for novelty, for new experiences to shape and to occupy, for lives to subsume. A murder here, an affair there, despair everywhere. It gurgles and clicks as one mind gives off an unknown shade. It has not seen this variety before! It penetrates and gorges, revelling in the psychic flotsam.

The world grows one shade dimmer.


Casey Douglass

Casey Douglass is a horror author and freelance writing geek who lives at If it’s not dark and twisted, he generally isn’t interested. – His website features dark tales, reviews and links to his other writing.

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