Twice the Pleasure

by Pauline Yates


I love how my lover slides his mouth down the woman’s neck. How he pauses near her jugular vein, warming his lips with heat from her racing heart. He nips her skin, teasing, her involuntary moan at the pleasure he inflicts sets fire to my cold heart. When he’s finished with her, his lips will tease me in places we share with nobody.

He glances at me, gaze sultry. “Would you like to share?”

“No need.” I sink my fangs into the neck of the man in my arms.

I’ll kiss the blood off my lover’s lips after we feed.

Pauline Yates

Pauline Yates is an Australian author of horror and speculative fiction. Her short stories appear with Midnight Echo, Metaphorosis, Redwood Press, plus others, as well as several anthologies including Mondi Incantanti, published by Riflessi di Luce Lunare (RiLL), Italy. Links to Pauline’s stories can be found at


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