Cannibal Bridge

by Jodi Jensen

“You gonna do it?”

Jeremy looked at the derelict bridge, considering. “I don’t know, man. It’s creepy. Why’s it called Cannibal Bridge, anyway?”

“I dunno, maybe cannibals live under it.” Oscar shrugged.

Standing before the dilapidated wood, Jeremy’s nose crinkled at the rotten stench and he hesitated. “What do I get if I cross?”

“You wanna be famous, right?”

Nodding, Jeremy stepped onto the bridge.

Oscar pushed record on his phone.

A deep cavern with jagged teeth opened. The maw bit down, chewed, and swallowed. “Bring me more…”

Oscar turned to go. Better the Judas goat than the sheep.

Jodi Jensen

Jodi Jensen, author of time travel romances, a biopunk novella, and over eighty speculative fiction short stories, grew up moving from California, to Massachusetts, and a few other places in between, before finally settling in Utah at the ripe old age of nine. The nomadic life fed her sense of adventure as a child and the wanderlust continues to this day. As a natural born storyteller she has a passion for old cemeteries, historical buildings, and things that go bump in the night.


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