by Maxwell Marais


I think the most shocking thing about the change was that it wasn’t painful. Strange, certainly. A shift in perspective. Not painful. No, what I felt was something more like wonder—like an ant crawling across a circuit board, briefly comprehending all of computer history. For a few seconds, I knew everything. Maybe that’s why it was no longer painful to shuck away skin and bone, to feel the gradual peeling away of what I had been.

I think someone screamed, while I still had ears. But that meant little.

Like the ant on the circuit board, they would learn.

Maxwell Marais

Maxwell Marais is an author and illustrator living in Montreal, Canada. When they aren’t frantically scrawling down the weird fiction and horror that crawls out of their brain, they can be found attempting to summon (with limited success) horrible abominations from beyond our world.



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