Paying the Piper

by M. Leigh


The pipe quivers against blistered lips as he plays the familiar, melancholy tune. The song slinks through the forest, reaching the sleeping village, and tickles the children’s ears awake. Naked feet scurry toward the windows.

He approaches.

The Piper’s pointed boots click along the cobblestone below bloodied green and white striped pantaloons. His face—mangled shadows, masked by a feathered cap.

The children know what was promised—the wicked deal made by the elders. Their sinful debt.

Watching their parents file behind the Piper, following his hypnotic stride away from town, they smile.

Children know how to make deals, too.


M. Leigh

Leigh is a horror writer from Woodinville, Washington USA. Her short stories have been published with Black Hare Press and Flame Tree Press. She is currently working on her first novel. 


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