Naughty and Nice

by Pauline Yates


On Christmas morning, I wake to find a blonde and a brunette, naked as newborn babes, asleep in our bed. They fit the description written on my husband’s Christmas wish list. He wished for a threesome—without me.

Wondering if Santa granted my Christmas wish, I hurry downstairs to the Christmas tree. I clap my hands with joy. My husband is impaled on the trunk, with red baubles jammed in his eyes, his intestines strung out like tinsel, and his Christmas wish list shoved up his…

Nice. Serves him right; unfaithful bastard. I must send Santa a thank you note.

Pauline Yates

Queensland author, Pauline Yates enjoys writing horror and speculative fiction but can’t resist injecting a dash of dark humour to brighten her bleak worlds. Her stories appear in multiple publications and she is the winner to the 2020 AHWA short story competition.

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