by Sheridan “Virgil” Seine

I’m new to the neighbourhood, and work night shift. Lately, I’m waking up to footsteps and a knock outside my bedroom window.

Wilson, my always smiling, retired neighbour, is on the other side of the glass; a wide-eyed stare coming through the blinds, the afternoon sun on his face. Chuckling, he reminds me that the grass needs to be cut.

But I’m on vacation this week and it’s the middle of the night.

I roll over in bed, and my eyes drift to the window at my shoulder. A bug-eyed smile just outside says, “Not yet. Go back to sleep.”

Sheridan “Virgil” Seine

Co-administrator of The Twisted Castle, Sheridan “Virgil” Seine has been a professional monster wrangler for over 20 years. In his spare time, once his wards have been safely returned to their individual habitats, Virgil researches various literary genres to produce content for his YouTube channel, Literally Books. He also lets his wife write his bios.


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