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Resembling a Mother

by Angela Zimmerman


The change happened quickly. Monday, Mother started screaming the last word of her sentences. By Wednesday, Caleb found Mother standing in the kitchen with a knife pressed against the puppy’s throat.

Even though Mother received the latest updates, Caleb could see that Mother’s biometrics were failing. Failing biometrics resulted in unstable personality drives. And if the news reports were correct, unstable personality drives usually ended in bloodshed. 

Sneaking into the room had been easy, sleep was Mother’s time for shutdown. The hard part for Caleb was forcing the knitting needles deep into Mother’s eye sockets so she never rebooted again.


Angela Zimmerman 

Angela Zimmerman resides in the Southeastern United States with her wife and children. Always one for another cup of coffee, Angela can be found either in front of a computer using her customer service skills or creating ghosts with her words.