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Poseidon’s Youngest Daughter

by Dr Bob Warlock


The boatmen smelled of sweat and animal fear. They pulled at the oars with all their strength but could not deliver the ship from the sea monster’s greedy current. Charybdis rose from the depths to meet them, razor teeth scraping against the hull.

Her mouth flooded in anticipation of flesh, of mineral bones and sweet organs slipping down her throat to fill her belly. She opened wide and sucked the boat down, down in a gurgling roar.

The men cried prayers to their ocean god, who only smiled an indulgent smile as he fed the morsel to his little daughter.


Dr Bob Warlock

Dr Bob Warlock is a writer, artist, and game designer currently living in England. They have been writing stories and drawing pictures since they could put pen to paper. As a gender-confused goblin they try to tell their truth through spooky stories, exploring themes of trauma, class, and the end of the world.