Author: Various Authors
Series: Alternate History, Book 1
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Publication Year: 2019
List Price: 19.99 USD
eBook Price: 5.99 USD

Travel through time and discover how the magical world has shaped our history. Uncover the truth behind the events in our past.

Fifteen talented authors bring you a dynamic collection of alternate history fantasy epics in one amazing collection.


30 BC
With her husband dead, her country invaded by the Romans and herself imprisoned by Emperor Octavian, Cleopatra slowly brings, to her lips, the poison that will end the pain. But, Cleopatra’s hand is stayed by her loyal handmaiden Na’eemah. With promises of miracles, Na’eemah has just one day to beseech the ancient gods to liberate Egypt from servitude.

Cleopatra by Stephen Herczeg

120 AD
Drusus and the Second Legion build the Emperor’s wall block by block, day by day, while the Pictish warriors and witches watch and wait for their chance to bring it all tumbling down.

The Turf Wall by Raven Corinn Carluk

1447 AD
Traded to the enemy in exchange for a tenuous peace, the young prince Vlad grows to become a killer of great renown—but he is so much more. A close brush with death, and a chance encounter with a beautiful, dark witch, changes not only him, but the fate of Wallachia forever.

Son of the Devil by Zoey Xolton

1945 AD
As the second World War nears its end, two escaped American prisoners of war make a desperate journey to the city of Hiroshima, where a creature slumbering deep underground may be the only thing that could save it from destruction.

Orochi by Jonathan Inbody

1986 AD
When Russian nuclear experimentation awakens dormant apocalyptic beasts, the Allied Ministry of Paranormal Defense send in their top two agents to stop Armageddon.

Chernobyl’s Awakening by Matt Lucas

And more!

The Night Witch by Blake Jessop
My Father’s Daughter by Cindar Harrell
The Red, Grey, Black and White by Gabriella Balcom
Of Desperate Measures and Victory by Jo Seysener
Prisoner of War Number One by J. Motoki
Powers of Earth and Hell by Matthew M. Montelione
Roman Hibernia by Owen Morgan
Monsters in Vietnam by R.J. Hunt
The Turf Wall by Raven Corinn Carluk
Blood Ritual by Simon Clarke
Bloodsong by Umair Mirxa