by Annie Percik


I am a light in the darkness, obscured by the shadows of the world. You are drawn to me by fascination and longing. You seek my brightness, shining amidst the dullness your mundane life. Witness my full unshielded splendour and you will be consumed, dying in ecstasy to feed my light. This is an experience that cannot be transcended. Fitting then that it should be your last. Your essence subsumed but living on forever. Release your memories, your loves, your pain. The stolen experiences that give my existence reflected meaning. Give up your life so that mine will never end.


Annie Percik

Annie Percik lives in London, where she works as a University Complaints Officer.  She writes a blog about writing and posts short fiction on her website (, which is also where all her current publications are listed.  She likes to run away from zombies in her spare time.


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