Amongst My Gold

by Caoimhin Kennedy


Amongst my gold, I sit in the hold of my ship. The rats scurry between my feet. Squeaking, feasting.

I hear the cries of the searchers. Anxiety within me. I emerge from the darkness and see the lantern on the horizon beyond the broken spire of my mast. The voices carry over the waters. I know they aren’t here for me.

Amongst my gold, I carve the flesh from an unnamed seaman. The rats protest as I scavenge from their meal.

Alone I sit. Alone I will eat. Alone I will stay because no one will ever get my gold.

Caoimhin Kennedy

Originally from Ireland, Caoimhin Kennedy has always had a passion for telling stories. He currently lives in Canada. His works can be found in an edition of Every Day Fiction and multiple Black Hare Press anthologies. His upcoming novel will be released at the end of 2022.  


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