Angel, Broken

by  Kelly Matsuura


“Don’t touch me!” Lailah waved Reuben away.

Shame. Her emotions crackled and boiled, fighting for dominance.

Reuben, always patient, held out a wet towel. “Let me wash your wounds, Love.”

Her back was bleeding afresh. Thick warm blood meeting numb skin—soaking the sheets. She no longer felt external pain.

Loss. She had fallen from Heaven to be with him. Kind, passionate Reuben. But it wasn’t enough.

Regret. She didn’t belong here, and she could never go back.

Anger. She clutched her dagger under the blanket. How had a mortal possessed her heart?

One sharp slice.

Now they both bled.


Kelly Matsuura

Kelly Matsuura writes diverse YA, fantasy, and literary fiction.
She is the Creator of The Insignia Series’ anthologies (Asian fantasy themed) and has had stories published with Ink & Locket Press, A Murder of Storytellers, Black Hare Press, Harbinger Press, and many more.
Kelly lives in Nagoya, Japan with her geeky husband. She loves travelling, knitting, cooking, and of course, reading. Website:
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