Enemies End

by Karen Bayly


The great witch, Ophesia, sat leaning against an ancient oak. Even though her heart was drumming its final beats, she sensed his approach.

“Come to mock my last minutes, Tarlin? I have no magic left.”

The ageing wizard eased down beside her. “Even I would not hurt a dying enemy.”

“Yet here you are. Why?”

“I will miss you.”

Ophesia cackled heartily, then noting Tarlin’s serious expression asked, “Your point being?”

I still have magic.”

Taking her hands, he drew her to her feet.

“Let’s traverse the unknown together.”

She smiled as he uttered his spell.

Into darkness, they flew.


Karen Bayly

Karen Bayly is a writer, software tester, and author of the steampunk novel Fortitude.  Her PhD in biology and research background both inform her writing, a fusion of science fiction and horror with traditional fantasy. She lives in Sydney, Australia, with two cats, a guitar, and a ukulele. Website: www.karenbayly.com
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  1. Annie
    Annie says:

    Another beautiful work from Karen in ‘Enemies End’!
    In my personal opinion, she’s an amazing, visionary story-teller, whose work is inspiring and always leaves me wanting more! The door is left ajar…



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