Anime Killed Me Today

by Mike Rader

You’re killing me girl,

you’re thrilling me girl,

with your pert nose

and lips like roses

love yo’ eyes

but then I spies

the dagger in your hand!

It looks awesome and

you wanna nab me

you wanna stab me

you mean to harm me girl

embalm me girl

I won’t let you girl

watch me twist and whirl

don’t wanna cartoon death

don’t wanna feel your breath

you ain’t gonna spill my blood

you ain’t gonna see it flood

oooooh, that cold steel

oooooh, it feels real

gonna die now girl

gonna expire girl

anime anime

killed me today!


Mike Rader

James Aitchison is an Australian author and poet.  He writes horror and noir fiction under the pseudonyms Mike Rader and JJ Munro. As James Lee, his horror and mystery stories for middle readers are bestsellers in Asia.



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