by Jasiah Witkofsky

What the hell are these kids watching?!

I flip on the tube after my sons scurry off to finish their homework.

A blinding series of flashes and I nearly spill my brewski on my crotch. Damn kids!

The voices of some bratty teens squeals over the worst music I have ever heard.

For some reason, a wide-eyed, pink-haired punk starts a fight with a demon. Up-skirt shots and so much blood…

My boys should know better than watch this shit! And what’s with all the tentacles?

These damn kids are gonna be the death of me.



Marvin Gaylord



Jasiah Witkofsky

Jasiah Witkofsky is a philosopher-gardener who spends his off hours penning dark speculative fiction and swashbuckling tales of daring and adventure. He resides at the foothill base of the magical Sierra Nevadas of Northern California with his merry band of rascals and rapscallions. His works can be found in more than ten publishers, magazines, and journal companies from all over the English-speaking world.

Facebook: @jasiahwitkofskyauthorpage


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