The Manicure

by Chad Miller


Unzip. Zip.

The sound made me nauseous. His leather pouch was displayed in the middle of the table like a prize. My whole body shook. I was going to vomit.

Unzip. Zip.

He smiled, displaying his yellow, tobacco-stained teeth. “Are you ready to talk?”

It took courage. I know what my action would mean. I shook my head.

Unzip. Zip.

“This only provides more fun for me.” He chuckled.


He dumped the contents of the pouch on the table. Three decaying fingers rolled out.

I gazed at my stumps. Only two fingers left. He flashed the pliers.

Snip. Snip.

Chad Miller

Chad Miller is a pharmacist and lives in lifeless Delaware with his girlfriend, Natasha, and her daughter Sasha, and his three children. His novel, The Prisoner of Fear, will be out 10/2022. 

Check out other stories on his website,



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