Ebenezer’s Corner

by Raven Isobel Plum


When my dog, Ebenezer, stared at ‘nothing,’ I always assumed he heard something outside the house.

Yet, each day, he spent more time guarding the shadowy corner, increasingly transfixed, not allowing us near.

When Miss Jeanie, the psychic, came, she pointed to that exact spot with bangled arms, saying, “You have an extra inhabitant here.”

Unsettled, we followed her advice. We left out a chair and sometimes a cup of tea. Burnt sage and prayed. Peace offerings. It might’ve worked.

Miss Jeanie neglected to tell us ghosts can be dangerous.

Now when my dog stares, it’s me he’s staring at.


Raven Isobel Plum

Raven Isobel Plum writes about things that go bump in the night, the shadow side of life. Afraid of the dark but admits “Not-good-enough” is more terrifying than any demon. Stories allow the discovery of who we are beyond all the masks we wear. Follow Raven on Instagram.


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