Faerie Etiquette

by Jacqueline Moran Meyer


“Stop,” I yelled, too late. My fiancé had already plopped the lavender cake in his mouth. By the time I reached him, the Faerie had disappeared. I had schooled him on Faerie etiquette ad nauseum. Do not accept gifts.

“Didn’t you notice her pointed ears, glimmering skin?”

“Yum,” he mumbled.

“Did you say thank you?” I asked, my tone grim. His answer would decide our future together.


Distraught, I handed back his ring and walked away.

Saying thank you to a Faerie resulted in her taking your firstborn.

I discovered my pregnancy that morning.

Where could I hide from the Faerie?


Jacqueline Moran Meyer

Jacqueline Moran Meyer is a writer, artist, and small business owner living in New York, where she received her master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University. Jacqueline loves the science fiction and horror genres. Ray Bradbury, Alice Munro, and Rod Serling were great influences. Jacqueline also enjoys the company of her husband Bruce and their three children Julia, Emma, and Lauren. 
Website: jmoranmeyer.net
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