The Awakening

by Eddie D. Moore


Reed couldn’t believe how small his hands were as he dug and dug. Hours passed and his fingers were bleeding when he finally emerged into the night air. He softly read aloud the name written on the granite stone before him: “Reed Gormley.”

Reed felt his wings spread out as he watched others flit to and fro above his head. It appeared that the legend was true and that we all lived on in a new form after death.

A wicked smile exposed tiny sharp teeth as he took to the air and growled, “You all should’ve treated me better.”

Eddie D. Moore

When Eddie D. Moore isn’t playing with his grandchildren, he is driving and visiting strange new worlds via audiobooks, or he is lost in his imagination writing his own tales. Pick up a copy of Poe-ish Tales Forevermore today! You’ll be glad you did if you can sleep tonight.

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