Fishing with Frankie

by Caoimhin Kennedy


I bait the hook and toss my line.

Pluksh! goes the sinker.

I look down at my feet into my bucket full of fish. They’re really biting tonight. In fact…


I crank the reel. Look at that—another one!

I drop the fish into the bucket and re-apply the hearty bait to my hook.

I think of how that bastard Frankie said I would never catch anything in these waters.

I toss my line.

“Useless pig,” I mutter to myself, still thinking of Frankie.

I realise quickly that statement’s a lie. He’s pretty darn useful as bait.


Caoimhin Kennedy

Originally from Ireland, Caoimhin Kennedy has always had a passion for telling stories. He currently lives in Ottawa, Canada, working in the engineering sector. His works can be found in a publication of Every Day Fiction and in three upcoming Black Hare Press anthologies titled: West, Cyborg, and Eerie Christmas Vol. 2.

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