by Tim Law

I have whispered those words before, in passionate moments when desire has overruled logic.

Tonight, you believe we have taken playtime from the bedroom to the kitchen. Your naivety makes me smile. Tied to the table instead of the bed, I run my teaser across your flesh, only this time it is not a feather. Tonight, I have chosen my carving knife. Your breath quickens, eyes go wide as I slice off your tip. The mask silences your screams.

As I devour you, piece by piece, I say those words you know so well.

“I love the way you taste…”


Tim Law

Tim Law hails from a little town in Southern Australia called Murray Bridge. A happily married father of three, family is very important to him. He works at the local library, surrounded by so many wonderful stories he’s constantly inspired to write. His general musings can be found at:


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