Gift Wrapping

by Glenn R. Wilson


“We’ve gathered here to celebrate the ascension of our newest member,” says the headmaster while pointing at me. “Bring in the reward.”

Within moments a cart appears in front of me. Upon it, something squirms within a canvas bag sealed with rope tied in a bow. I reach out and open the card attached to it.

“Congratulations!” it says.

A smile graces my lips as I hurriedly expose its contents.

The sound of applause drowns out the screams of the young girl as my teeth press deeply into her throat. I watch her eyes close as I get my fill.

Glenn R. Wilson

Glenn thrives on unusual tales in unusual settings. Through these stories he follows his muse as he builds a base on which to grow and expand. He’s had a few successes so far and strives for more. He welcomes the challenge.


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