Safe and Alone

by Gary Smith Jr.

The size and strength of the house impresses me, for the thousandth time. Reaching the massive door, I stare into the camera.

“What are you doing here, Julie? I can’t let you in.”

Shuffling from foot to foot, I glance back towards the street. “Please,” I beg, “I’ll never make it home.”

I wait.

An electrical buzz and click from the door.

I step inside.

The siren sounds.

The purge has started.

As my best friend pushes the door shut behind me, I pull the knife from the back of my pants.

This year I will be safe and alone.


Gary Smith Jr.

Gary Smith Jr. has a passion for writing born from his love of reading, classic literature to cereal boxes. He lives around Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, children, and animals. His stories have been published at From Whispers to Roars, The Mark Literary Review, CommuterLit, and Every Day Fiction. Website:


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