Hal Owen

by Steven Holding


Introducing Mr Owen (Hal to his friends, if he had any…) Date of birth: October thirty-first.

Born ugly as sin, but it’s how he was treated that paved the way for later behaviour, not what’s within. Beaten and abused, he decided to choose a suitably horrifying revenge against those who had wronged him.

Every birthday, he slips out into the night, frightful features finally fitting in as he stalks, slices and dices one unlucky trick or treater, only to disappear for another year.

One night.

One life.

A tradition begun aged seventeen.

This year Hal turns seventy-three.

He’s still sprightly.


Steven Holding

Steven Holding lives in the United Kingdom. Most recently, his work has appeared in 666: A Dark Microfiction Anthology from Black Hare Press and Legends of Night: Reaperman from Black Ink Fiction.

Website: stevenholding.co.uk

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