by N.E. Rule


My stomach growls in anticipation of the U8-rations downloading to my dwellment dispenser on sign-on.

I push down memories of Mom’s last warning during her D-leet ceremony: Don’t accept it. But living as a grid-free hacker during the Great Overpopulation is a struggle.

Employment is impossible without it. Convertors say it opens doors, literally. Also, GloBank downloads cash creds to your braindrive directly.

The SysCtrl swipes at the bloodtear after the microchip’s implanted. He smiles reassuringly as LiFi starts up. The eye-con app for D-leet registers 9125. Now that I’m assimilated to the system, I’ve ten years to break it.


N.E. Rule

N.E. Rule attended Ryerson University in Toronto for creative writing and business communications. Her writing portfolio includes software specs, marketing copy, and training materials. However, her passion is creative writing. The characters in her head are getting louder, refusing to wait for her spare time to come out and play.

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