In Another Life

Author: Christopher Bond
Series: Short Reads
Genre: Thriller, Horror, Suspense
Publisher: Hell Hare House
Publication Year: 2024
eBook List Price: USD $1.99
Paperback List Price: USD TBA

In a world ravaged by war and disaster, where the remnants of civilization cling to hope, In Another Life tells the moving story of Al and Betty.

As they journey across a desolate landscape to find their son, they face the ghosts of their past and the harsh reality of their present. With every step, they are tested by the environment and their own memories.

This tale of survival, love, and the quest for redemption captures the essence of human resilience. It’s a compelling narrative that asks: in the face of the unimaginable, what does it mean to truly live?

The Sins We Take With Us by Christopher Bond

In a forgotten schoolhouse, three friends are trapped in a realm where the past's darkest secrets come alive.

In Another Life by Christopher Bond

A harrowing tale of survival and love amidst the ruins of a post-apocalyptic world. Follow Al and Betty’s quest through desolation to reconnect with family, grappling with the remnants of their past and the stark realities of a collapsed society.