by Rich Rurshell


Dana tore through the Obsidian Plaza Hotel, despatching security with ease. Her body had cost a pretty penny, but her speed, reflexes, and combat capabilities were unrivalled. All four limbs and her torso had been replaced with top of the line Linneman Industries augmentations. It was ironic she was on her way to assassinate their president, Charles Linneman.

Dana burst into the penthouse suite to find Linneman and his entourage eating dinner.

“Nice augs,” said Linneman. “Shame you didn’t buy our firewalls, too.”

Linneman manipulated a holographic interface in his palm, and Dana began dancing.

“Tonight’s entertainment, gentlemen!” he cried.


Rich Rurshell

Rich Rurshell is a horror, fantasy, and science fiction writer. From his Suffolk, England home, he ponders the existence of the sinister, the fantastic, and the downright terrifying, explores the darker side of life and what lies within, and celebrates the beauty in the world and what lies beyond.
Facebook: @RichRurshellAuthor

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