Kiss of Death

by Brianna Witte


Dan took the blindfold away from my eyes, the dark basement surrounding me. A naked man was chained to the cement wall, a gag stuffed into his small mouth.

I looked at his chest, his heavy breathing making more blood pool from his wounds. My eyes focused on two words carved into his skin, my heart fluttering with pure joy… Marry Me.

“Yes!” I shouted, my lips touching Dan’s in a passionate kiss.

I took the knife from my fiancé’s hand, slicing the man across the face.

“Can I kill him? You know I love the raw stench of death.”

Brianna Witte

Brianna is an active member of the Writers Community of Durham Region. She had received a commendation for her short story, The Hunt, in the 2019 Author of Tomorrow Award by the Wilbur and Niso Smith Foundation. To date, Brianna has had many short stories published in various anthologies.


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